Yo’ Adrian

Posted: January 19, 2011 in Results

“Yo’ Adrian, I did it”

Rocky Balboa hollered these words as he stood victoriously in the ring awaiting the embrace of his girlfriend (soon to be wife) in Rocky I.

…actually, he didn’t even win the decision (on the judges scorecard) in the 15 round grueling match up against the current champ, Apollo Creed, but he did make it the entire 15 rounds and that was his goal!

(Did you even know he didn’t “win” that fight? Probably not, because we were all so excited to see him make it the distance with the champ, it was an emotional charge! In our eyes, and his own, he did “WIN”).

He won because he finished. He did something he’d never done before and had the HEART OF A CHAMPION. He was committed to going the distance.

(If you can carve out a few minutes, watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywuse55qU2A…the story of Sylvestor Stallone is even more inspiring than the ROCKY movie itself…I LOVE this! …and hearing Tony Robbins tell it is even better.)

Right now, I want you to commit to going the distance. That does NOT mean perfection by any means. Rocky got hit…a bunch!…but he never quit, and when he got knocked down, he got back up. (As did Sylvestor in the youtube video story above…you gotta check it out).

And when you’ve fallen so hard it seems too hard to get back up, remember “your” Adrian…that someone special that just thinking of them gives you an extra ‘umph to your day and your focus.

You are worth it. Your loved ones are worth it too. Make today an awesome day. Make decisions that help you and them.

To Becoming ROCK SOLID,

  1. Brittany Carr says:

    Love it 😉

    Now that I have actually seen the movie recently (I know It’s Crazy I just saw it!) I can actually relate.

    Great Motivation Babe!

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