The Year of Movement

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Results

40 years ago this March I was born in the year of the Dragon.  I don’t study Chinese astrology but I think it sure sounds cool.

What do I think of when I think of a Dragon?  I think of movement.  From strict movements designed by masters of movement that are to each be done in a specific way, to free flow movements that have no specific purpose or exact design.

We humans were made for movement, and can express ourselves through movement better than any other creature.

I must confess.  Because of some limitations I have from injuries in my past, I have stopped moving quite a bit over the past 5 years.  I’ve suffered horribly from my own brain, a disease known as “stinkin’ thinkin’”, and my goals for 2016 are to not out think it (it beats me every time), but to out move it.

I plan to move all the ways I can, from deeper breathing (moving all my insides), to moving my arms, legs and torso in the most ways I can.  Yes, I can’t move like I used to and it drives me crazy, so is the solution to stop moving?  No.

And my challenge to you for 2016…MOVE.  Walking is awesome, do more of it.  Jog, run, sprint too.  Hang the weight of your body from your hands.  Pull yourself, lunge, twist, jump, swing, crawl, extend, flex, roll, skip, punch, kick, turn and explode.

Movement creates momentum.  We need all the momentum we can get to move away from the things that truly harm us…too much tv, too much sugar, too much sitting, too much trying to find a close parking spot, too much inactivity.  Think beyond the typical five, thirty minute workouts per week.  Think of ways every moment which will allow you to MOVE MORE.

Train at The Rock as much as you can because I love teaching movement and would be honored to work with you, and when you can’t make it in…find a way to freaking move!

Our Rock Body Fitness classes are designed with movement in mind.  Come and move with us.  The Rock Body Challenge is simply a MOVEMENT challenge.  To MOVE yourself MORE than you are currently doing.  We will have teams, coaches, and instructors all challenging you to MOVE MORE.  We will have events and challenges to get you to MOVE MORE.

Come.  Surround yourself.  Join me and the others that are committed to more movement in 2016 and are starting the year off right, with the RBC, and learn to move like a dragon!  Haha.

I’ll see you moving soon,
Coach Carr
PS:  The 1st evaluation for the Rock Body Challenge is Jan 9th at 10am.  The 10-week challenge is just $99 for members and $199 for brand new folks wanting to learn what all we are about (which includes unlimited training for the 10-weeks too).  Bring your friends and save $30/referral.


Food Peace

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Results


The challenge I’ve seen in the past with many body transformation participants is putting too much pressure on themselves to change everything or quit.

Pretend for a moment that quitting is not an option.

Pretend that you want to be as healthy and strong as possible for your grand kids some day.  Just pretend  😉

God willing, we’ll be able to be there for them, but some things are out of our control.  My mother was an example of amazing moderation and life balance, healthy thinking, clean eating, close friends and invaluable family relationships, and in all areas of life was and is my “Gold Standard” for living.  She loved God and her family beyond anyone that I’ve known.  This was a process though…I know she wasn’t born this way.  

She dedicated her life to daily growing closer to God and as a result she changed…her tenancy to hold too tightly and control situations slowly let go and grew into trusting God would work things out.  Through all the stuff I put her through as a young rebel, she learned to “let go and let God”.  It was amazing to see the woman she became in her 50’s and 60’s.  I imagine I helped her grow closer to God quite a bit through the stress she had to survive from!  Haha.

She enjoyed a good dessert with family, but never to excess.  She loved a good movie and lazy days with her grand kids on the couch, but was moving non-stop when she wasn’t there in that moment (soaking it up) with them.

When she was diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately took her life, she immediately was ready to go if that was God’s will.  She did not have a list staring at her of things she wish she had of done or things she still really wanted to do…she lived every day in a way that was CONGRUENT with how she felt God was calling her so she was at peace.  Did she want to leave us?  No.  Did she fight to the end?  Yes.  Was she at total peace when she did leave us?  Yes.

How do we want to live?  How do we see living CONGRUENTLY with our ideal?  The RBC is that extra push.  My mom LOVED the idea of the RBC and always encouraged me to run more and more of them…”this is what we all need!” she would remind me.

Please, listen as I talk to you and myself…let’s live today how we are being called.  We don’t need food police, we need food peace.  Let us live with that peace today.  Let us listen to the still small voice today that will not lead us wrong.

Water…walking…training and surrounding ourselves with others…good music…laughter with friends and family.

That’s what the RBC is about.

Live the RBC lifestyle today!


My “bro-fessional” advice…

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Results

GandalfHey bro,

See if this helps: you came into the RBC drinking a 6-pack of soda a day. You haven’t exercised in over a decade (walking to the mailbox doesn’t count). You unintentionally skip meals often, leading to hunger, and without a plan on how to break your fast, you chomp down your favorite numerical item off a local fast food joint. Day one, evaluation day, you hit rock bottom, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and commit to making a change. Day two, you wake up and by default you start your busy day without a plan and end up right where you were the day before you started RBC…on the road that lead you to misery.


It’s strange how we so often can keep doing the same things over and over and expect something different. Or, how we know what need to do, yet we keep not doing it.


Stop it!


Here’s today’s two cents: what if you didn’t expect perfection? What if you didn’t say things to yourself like, “I will never eat______ ever again”!? What if, you just took today at your best?


Instead of thinking that you’ll never eat some particular food item ever again, what if you just cut back?

Take the 6 pack/day to a 4 pack.

Take the half dozen doughnuts to 3 instead.

Chug as much water in one non-stop gulp before your morning coffee.


As Tony Robbins says, “stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself”!


When you fail yourself then you shame yourself, and when you shame yourself, you are much more likely to go back to the things you want to stay away from. Welcome to the human condition!


So, for today, stop trying to master the perfect diet. The RBC is about progress, not perfection. If you cut out some crap from your diet today, AWESOME! If you drink just a smidge more water today than you normally do, GREAT! If you break a sweat today, PERFECT! Remember, it’s about small changes…today. Once tomorrow comes, wake up and decide what small things you’ll do tomorrow, but let’s just focus on today right now.


And if you mess up today’s plan…try again tomorrow, but stop beating yourself up. If beating yourself up worked at all, I imagine we’d all be levitating, guru, grand masters at life by now (or at least I would be)!


So, if you doctor has told you to “never eat ______ ever again or you will die”, then I would take his or her advice, but otherwise, from one bro to another, let’s just start by cutting back. Watching portion sizes a little bit more consciously, and ask yourself before ordering/buying/inhaling a certain food, “does this draw me closer or further from the life I want to live?”, (a tip I got from my wife). You will find that you can have your cake and eat it too. If you keep asking yourself this question you will find times when the answer if “yes, enjoy this cake!”. I imagine if Jesus came over for dinner he’d enjoy a bite of sweets from time to time.


That’s my bro-fessional advice for the day!


Let’s enjoy the day, make the best of it, and live to the fullest without shame, remorse and “should-ing” all over ourselves!



Master Carr




Posted: January 20, 2015 in Results

RBCers, think about this,


Consistency will build a habit.  Habits (good or bad) will change your life.

A habit is like an addiction…something you just default to.  These can be very powerful actions that have a huge and positive impact on your life and the lives around you, or it can be something that literally kills you.

What are your habits (addictions) in dealing with stress? …fatigue? …an argument? …self doubt?  How do you handle these situations?

Don’t think you need to get crazy and change everything here at once, but it is very important to KNOW yourself.  Don’t just knee jerk respond to life and the wrenches that are thrown at you.

Empower yourself with clarity.  Know what you do, and why you do it.  If there are things you don’t like, then start working on them.  Simply KNOWING there is something you’d like to change and being honest with someone in your life for accountability is huge!

The RBC is about small, daily shifts in choices that you can maintain…one day at a time.

Remember, CONSISTENCY with a new and positive change you want to see in your life may be hard at first, but it will build into a wonderful habit if you stick with it during this course.  I’ve heard it countless times about the positive, life changes that have come out of the RBC with.  Will that be you?  Or will you make excuses about your poor habits and keep living in the lie that you’re stuck and there is no hope for true change?

Shut up about the excuses you tell yourself and others.

Speak up about the changes you want to make and do it…today!

Don’t look for perfection, but rather, look for making a small change today that you know you need to make.  When you crash and burn, get right back to the program.  It’s that simple (no, it’s not easy, but it is very simple).

Think of this:  our weight, our health, our strength, our cholesterol (and all that other stuff), are all in God’s hands, we just need to do our best with what He’s given us and the results will fall into place just how they’re supposed to.

Love.  Train.  Feed.  Enjoy.  Repeat.

Your’s in Strength,
Coach Carr


Posted: January 5, 2015 in Results

If you’re ok with making small changes that have a powerful, long term effect on your health and wellness, then the RBC is for you.

(Keep reading to the bottom for a small testimonial on someone that’s done the RBC for 4 years straight now.)

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of different diet and exercise programs. I’ve learned a lot of tricks from these so-called experts as so many programs today are really only about “tricks” (“secrets” the author says), to losing weight.

Sorry, but I will not regurgitate this Harry Potter diet crap on any of you (not sure there is such a diet as that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were).

Let me be honest. I’ll sound more like your grandma giving you advice on how to lose weight than some glossy-paged, miracle making, secret forging, body makeover expert…who is really just a marketing magician in disguise getting folks to buy their stuff.

I’m more likely to encourage you TO DO the things you know you need to be doing than throw some crazy new diet at you.

And as far as our physical training goes? Simple.

– Increase Strength
– Build Muscle
– Improve Mobility

Think about it…as you get older, which of these 3 qualities do you have “too much of”? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You could just do our classes here at The Rock and benefit greatly; however, having the accountability alone is well worth the small price for the RBC (just $79 for those doing classes). And the RBC is FREE if you get 4 other new folks to do it with you (save 25%/new referral).

I just opened an email from one of our clients, “Part of the reason I do the RBC every year is the accountability. It helps me keep on task and I enjoy the team atmosphere. This will be year 4 for RBC for (my husband) and me”.

…this is someone who gets it! I hope you’ll get it too and decide NOW to join me and the others for 10 weeks of training, nutritional guidance, accountability, and FUN.

I’m here for you! How can I help?

The Rock is a place of encouragement, motivation, AND pushing to the next level with a healthy balance of grace and guilt trips to help you reach your potential! Haha…I just cracked myself up at that one. Seriously though, the RBC is my tool to “help me, help you”! Join Today.

Master Carr


Posted: January 8, 2014 in Results

Instinctual living should be a goal for all of us.

We can’t teach kids every dangerous situation or temptation they’ll ever face so we teach them to listen to their gut. We tell them, “if something just doesn’t feel right about whatever is going on, you are probably correct, get away!”.

When we were babies we breathed correctly. Inhaling deep into our lungs, drawing in with the diaphragm, was our every breath.  Our bodies, at a tender and innocent age, had yet to learn the stress and pressures it would soon internalize to make sure we started breathing wrong. Short, shallow breathes, with the diaphragm barely even engaged, soon became the norm for daily living.

Our body’s cries for real, whole food will soon turn into a craving for chips and a soda.  Where we once longed for water we now “need” something flavored.

The RBC is a very gracious program because it recognizes we are all in a different place.  Some of us need to get back to our hearts desires of hill sprints and more camping and red meat.  Others of us can hear our body crying for a walk and less stress at work.

The RBC does not try to fit everyone into one way of eating or exercising.

Instead, the RBC tries to inspire you to stop and breathe more throughout the day.  In the breath is more answers than I can give.  Sure, I will have plenty of suggestions and concepts that may help, especially if you’re in a bind, yet quite often you know exactly what you need to do.

Chances are many of you will want to go too full-out.  You’ll want to go overboard.  This is where injuries occur.  The RBC is simple.  Walk.  Breathe.  Listen.  If you haven’t sprinted in over a decade do you really think that’s the best idea for you?

So really, it’s about getting back to your instincts as a human.  It’s about encouraging you to listen to the voice that will guide you better than anyone else.  Start with the framework of the RBC program to help you if you’ve been off track for a while.

Like a young boy with a box of ammo, a .22 pistol, some fireworks and matches, there are times when the advice of “listen to the voice inside” is a bad idea.  Sure.  Some of need some time to build daily disciplines and learn to listen to “right” voice!  The RBC can help.

Experience the you that is supposed to be.  Every year, let us come together to draw closer to that person God made us to be.  We will make lots of mistakes.  We will get hurt.  We will regret sometimes.  Yet we press on.

Let’s make the best to 2014.  Together!  Sign up is at the front desk.

Call with any questions: 303-521-4625


Coach Carr

4 Supplements. 3 Reasons.

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Results

Vitamin/Mineal & Antioxidants:  Nearly all diseases in our bodies can be traced back to a common factor:  free radicals.  From environmental pollutants, unhealthy eating, too much exercise, too little exercise, too much sunlight (or too little) and a host of other factors, free radicals build up in our system and start to cause everything from wrinkles to cancer.  Along with eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, taking a high quality antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals in our system.

3 Reasons to take antioxidants:  1- increased health (my number one favorite reason, especially when a lot of colds and flu’s are running around); 2- recover faster from training (my number 2 favorite reason…this helps you get back to working out again sooner and helps repair damaged muscles after a killer workout); 3- they help make up for a less than perfect diet (my 3rd favorite reason…try to eat REALLY, REALLY good, and then take a vit/min/antioxidant supplement to help fill in the gaps).

Whey Protein:  this is actually another really great source of antioxidants…bet cha didn’t know that!  Whey protein is a powerful immune booster, and is an amazing “fast protein” that gets into your system quickly to stop muscle breakdown after a tough workout (this should be important to you if you train and enjoy training because it lets you get back to training quicker and heals your system in a jiffy).

3 Reasons to take WHEY:  1- liquid nutrition is SO MUCH easier and quicker to digest before and after training (especially whey protein).  I take it before really tough workouts (short intense workouts I prefer to do fasted), and after most every workout (unless I’m fasting for the day); 2- its super quick, easy and healthy (1 scoop equals 24 grams of protein & about 5 seconds of shaking time in a bottle); 3- it’s CUSTOMIZABLE- I’ve yet to find a premade meal replacement that doesn’t jack with me but whey does AWESOME for me (and most everyone I know) and I can add the exact amount of carbs I want since there aren’t any in there to begin with (certain workouts I’m more glycogen depleted than others so I use Karbolyn carbs or fruit and add just the amount of carbs I need based on my weight, goals and workout intensity and duration…woohoo!).

Green Drinks:  this is your veggies in a bottle.  My wife and I take this first thing in the mornings to build our immune system.  I didn’t like it at first (my system was acidic) but after taking it for a while I love the stuff.

3 Reasons to take a Green Drink:  1- one teaspoon is equal to 2 pounds of veggies (I just love that, I mean, who of you are consistently eating 5-9 servings of veggies every day?).  2- More antioxidant super power (it’s so tricky to get all the antioxidants we need and between a healthy diet, proper amounts of sunlight and exercise, and supplements like green drinks it will help us tremendously).  3- Cellular health, renewal and detoxification (I get asked very regularly about different detox diets and blah, blah fancy cleansing diets, but here’s the truth:  veggies will clean you out!  Eat a diet of nutrient rich plants and fast once a week and you’ll clean your system out PLENTY!), and taking a green drink helps UP the amount of superfoods you’re trying to get into your system.  You can’t go wrong with a good green drink.

Fish Oil:  Ummm…you take fish oil already though…right?  You better be!  And here’s why:

3 Reasons to take Fish Oil:  1- a high quality fish oil helps increase our omega-3 essential fatty acid intake which is vitally important to our health and well being (most of fats we get in the American diet are rich in omega-6 oils which leads to a very unhealthy ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.  Simply decreasing omega 6’s and increasing omega 3’s can immediately have a powerful effect on every cellular function in our bodies…that’s good!).  2- Heart health (at least half of your fish oil should be made of EPA and DHA and have a potent antioxidant with it…don’t get generic here, trust me!  When you get a high content of EPA/DHA you’re creating an environment in your system that builds a healthy heart and positive cholesterol levels!).  3- MOOD BOOSTER-  I’m sure you don’t need this benefit (cha), but I do, so I listed it 🙂  (a high quality omega 3 supplement like the fish oils we have in stock increase brain function and have been proven to help individuals get in a better mood…some of you may want to try a bottle a day!).  Just kidding!

Yours in Great Health,