Fat Burning and Cholesterol Fighting Foods Part 2

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Results

Ready for some more power foods that kick major butt and increase your health and energy?  Here goes.  Today we’ll focus on proteins. 

Power Protein Sources (my favorites):

Wild Game and Grass Fed Beef:  These meats are low in saturated fats and high in CLA (conjugated linoleic acid which helps reduce fat around the abdomen and has cancer fighting properties along with other health supporting assets).  Also, wild game and grass fed beef are shown to have a much higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids which is crucial in our western world if we’re ever going to return to health.  It would be worth visiting with your doctor if you’re concerned about eating grass fed beef or wild game but this stuff is NOT the saturated fat filled, hormone injected grain fed red meat in a colorful wrapper at the large grocery stores.

Eggs:  Eggs have gotten a bad rap because they have cholesterol in them; however, the essential nutrient choline that is found in eggs actually helps thwart cholesterol and fat build up in the liver (remember, the cleaner your liver is, the better job it does at metabolizing fats…that’s good).  Eggs have all sorts of cancer fighting and health promoting benefits as well.  Sure, the calories can add up and excess calories can lead to fat, which can lead to increased cholesterol but I can’t find anything about having an egg a day being a bad idea.  Also, add some extra egg whites to boost the protein if you like, but stick with at least one whole egg in your omelets (go with cage free and organic and get omega-3 enriched ones if possible. Although the cage free ones will already have extra omega-3’s).

Free Range Chicken and Turkey:  High in protein and essential nutrients; boneless, skinless chicken breast, and lean cuts of turkey can be powerful tools in your fat loss and cholesterol burning toolbox.  The RBC is all about some lean protein and chicken breast does the job well.

Seafood:  Wild Alaskan salmon, sardines, halibut, and other fish are an outstanding source of low calorie, omega-3 rich, and nutrient dense foods.  Fish is best consumed in moderation because of its potential for mercury, but it should not be avoided because of its amazing health properties.  Always buy “wild” and avoid “farmed” at all costs for that reason as well.  Canned tuna can also be a good option. Go for the light tuna when possible.  Fish oil supplements should be consumed daily to help increase omega-3’s and these should also be high in purity and potency, which will help with fat loss and cholesterol (the combined totals of the DHA and EPA content in the fish oil capsules should make up 50% or more of the total omega-3 content).

Whey Protein:  It’s amazing how many health food gurus will list whey protein as one of the top favorite foods (out of all foods!  Not just protein related).  Whey is extremely powerful for your immune system because it provides the essential nutrients that help our bodies make glutathione, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants known.  Also, there are a host of protein fractions which boost immune function and power up our disease fighting ability.  Even tumors and high blood pressure have shown to get a whoopin’ by whey protein.  To top it off, whey is low fat, low carb, and low lactose.  If you prefer some carbs or fat with your protein, those can easily be added in.  Finally, whey is probably the easiest digesting of all the protein powders on the market.  I recommend trying to find one that is not filled with artificial flavors and is in the isolate form as well as cold processed (this will ensure the highest quality and purest form of whey available).

Greek Yogurt:  My brother-in-law first turned me on to Greek yogurt a little over a year ago and I was amazed.  Greek yogurt provides a strong 20+ grams of protein while being fat free and low carb.  Do check the label though because many Greek yogurts have added sweeteners.  I add a handful of berries and a half scoop or so of whey to mine to have a balanced meal that is high fiber (the berries), high in phytonutrients (also the berries), high in protein (the yogurt and whey) and high in probiotics (the yogurt) and low in fat.  Also, Greek yogurt is great added into a smoothie for some extra bulk and protein.  I’m not crazy about the taste when it’s all by itself, but with the whey and berries it makes a great meal that I enjoy.

Ok gang.  Conquer today!  Reread “part 1” of this article if you need reminded of the most important foods to fill your day with and shoot me any questions or comments below.  Also, stay tuned for part 3 where we’ll go into healthy fats, spices and fun foods for optimal health!

Until next time,



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