4 Supplements. 3 Reasons.

Posted: October 24, 2011 in Results

Vitamin/Mineal & Antioxidants:  Nearly all diseases in our bodies can be traced back to a common factor:  free radicals.  From environmental pollutants, unhealthy eating, too much exercise, too little exercise, too much sunlight (or too little) and a host of other factors, free radicals build up in our system and start to cause everything from wrinkles to cancer.  Along with eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, taking a high quality antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals in our system.

3 Reasons to take antioxidants:  1- increased health (my number one favorite reason, especially when a lot of colds and flu’s are running around); 2- recover faster from training (my number 2 favorite reason…this helps you get back to working out again sooner and helps repair damaged muscles after a killer workout); 3- they help make up for a less than perfect diet (my 3rd favorite reason…try to eat REALLY, REALLY good, and then take a vit/min/antioxidant supplement to help fill in the gaps).

Whey Protein:  this is actually another really great source of antioxidants…bet cha didn’t know that!  Whey protein is a powerful immune booster, and is an amazing “fast protein” that gets into your system quickly to stop muscle breakdown after a tough workout (this should be important to you if you train and enjoy training because it lets you get back to training quicker and heals your system in a jiffy).

3 Reasons to take WHEY:  1- liquid nutrition is SO MUCH easier and quicker to digest before and after training (especially whey protein).  I take it before really tough workouts (short intense workouts I prefer to do fasted), and after most every workout (unless I’m fasting for the day); 2- its super quick, easy and healthy (1 scoop equals 24 grams of protein & about 5 seconds of shaking time in a bottle); 3- it’s CUSTOMIZABLE- I’ve yet to find a premade meal replacement that doesn’t jack with me but whey does AWESOME for me (and most everyone I know) and I can add the exact amount of carbs I want since there aren’t any in there to begin with (certain workouts I’m more glycogen depleted than others so I use Karbolyn carbs or fruit and add just the amount of carbs I need based on my weight, goals and workout intensity and duration…woohoo!).

Green Drinks:  this is your veggies in a bottle.  My wife and I take this first thing in the mornings to build our immune system.  I didn’t like it at first (my system was acidic) but after taking it for a while I love the stuff.

3 Reasons to take a Green Drink:  1- one teaspoon is equal to 2 pounds of veggies (I just love that, I mean, who of you are consistently eating 5-9 servings of veggies every day?).  2- More antioxidant super power (it’s so tricky to get all the antioxidants we need and between a healthy diet, proper amounts of sunlight and exercise, and supplements like green drinks it will help us tremendously).  3- Cellular health, renewal and detoxification (I get asked very regularly about different detox diets and blah, blah fancy cleansing diets, but here’s the truth:  veggies will clean you out!  Eat a diet of nutrient rich plants and fast once a week and you’ll clean your system out PLENTY!), and taking a green drink helps UP the amount of superfoods you’re trying to get into your system.  You can’t go wrong with a good green drink.

Fish Oil:  Ummm…you take fish oil already though…right?  You better be!  And here’s why:

3 Reasons to take Fish Oil:  1- a high quality fish oil helps increase our omega-3 essential fatty acid intake which is vitally important to our health and well being (most of fats we get in the American diet are rich in omega-6 oils which leads to a very unhealthy ratio of omega 3 to omega 6.  Simply decreasing omega 6’s and increasing omega 3’s can immediately have a powerful effect on every cellular function in our bodies…that’s good!).  2- Heart health (at least half of your fish oil should be made of EPA and DHA and have a potent antioxidant with it…don’t get generic here, trust me!  When you get a high content of EPA/DHA you’re creating an environment in your system that builds a healthy heart and positive cholesterol levels!).  3- MOOD BOOSTER-  I’m sure you don’t need this benefit (cha), but I do, so I listed it 🙂  (a high quality omega 3 supplement like the fish oils we have in stock increase brain function and have been proven to help individuals get in a better mood…some of you may want to try a bottle a day!).  Just kidding!

Yours in Great Health,


  1. As always, you are full of great information and inspiration–THANK YOU for sharing it!

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