Posted: January 8, 2014 in Results

Instinctual living should be a goal for all of us.

We can’t teach kids every dangerous situation or temptation they’ll ever face so we teach them to listen to their gut. We tell them, “if something just doesn’t feel right about whatever is going on, you are probably correct, get away!”.

When we were babies we breathed correctly. Inhaling deep into our lungs, drawing in with the diaphragm, was our every breath.  Our bodies, at a tender and innocent age, had yet to learn the stress and pressures it would soon internalize to make sure we started breathing wrong. Short, shallow breathes, with the diaphragm barely even engaged, soon became the norm for daily living.

Our body’s cries for real, whole food will soon turn into a craving for chips and a soda.  Where we once longed for water we now “need” something flavored.

The RBC is a very gracious program because it recognizes we are all in a different place.  Some of us need to get back to our hearts desires of hill sprints and more camping and red meat.  Others of us can hear our body crying for a walk and less stress at work.

The RBC does not try to fit everyone into one way of eating or exercising.

Instead, the RBC tries to inspire you to stop and breathe more throughout the day.  In the breath is more answers than I can give.  Sure, I will have plenty of suggestions and concepts that may help, especially if you’re in a bind, yet quite often you know exactly what you need to do.

Chances are many of you will want to go too full-out.  You’ll want to go overboard.  This is where injuries occur.  The RBC is simple.  Walk.  Breathe.  Listen.  If you haven’t sprinted in over a decade do you really think that’s the best idea for you?

So really, it’s about getting back to your instincts as a human.  It’s about encouraging you to listen to the voice that will guide you better than anyone else.  Start with the framework of the RBC program to help you if you’ve been off track for a while.

Like a young boy with a box of ammo, a .22 pistol, some fireworks and matches, there are times when the advice of “listen to the voice inside” is a bad idea.  Sure.  Some of need some time to build daily disciplines and learn to listen to “right” voice!  The RBC can help.

Experience the you that is supposed to be.  Every year, let us come together to draw closer to that person God made us to be.  We will make lots of mistakes.  We will get hurt.  We will regret sometimes.  Yet we press on.

Let’s make the best to 2014.  Together!  Sign up is at the front desk.

Call with any questions: 303-521-4625


Coach Carr


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