Food Peace

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Results


The challenge I’ve seen in the past with many body transformation participants is putting too much pressure on themselves to change everything or quit.

Pretend for a moment that quitting is not an option.

Pretend that you want to be as healthy and strong as possible for your grand kids some day.  Just pretend  😉

God willing, we’ll be able to be there for them, but some things are out of our control.  My mother was an example of amazing moderation and life balance, healthy thinking, clean eating, close friends and invaluable family relationships, and in all areas of life was and is my “Gold Standard” for living.  She loved God and her family beyond anyone that I’ve known.  This was a process though…I know she wasn’t born this way.  

She dedicated her life to daily growing closer to God and as a result she changed…her tenancy to hold too tightly and control situations slowly let go and grew into trusting God would work things out.  Through all the stuff I put her through as a young rebel, she learned to “let go and let God”.  It was amazing to see the woman she became in her 50’s and 60’s.  I imagine I helped her grow closer to God quite a bit through the stress she had to survive from!  Haha.

She enjoyed a good dessert with family, but never to excess.  She loved a good movie and lazy days with her grand kids on the couch, but was moving non-stop when she wasn’t there in that moment (soaking it up) with them.

When she was diagnosed with the cancer that ultimately took her life, she immediately was ready to go if that was God’s will.  She did not have a list staring at her of things she wish she had of done or things she still really wanted to do…she lived every day in a way that was CONGRUENT with how she felt God was calling her so she was at peace.  Did she want to leave us?  No.  Did she fight to the end?  Yes.  Was she at total peace when she did leave us?  Yes.

How do we want to live?  How do we see living CONGRUENTLY with our ideal?  The RBC is that extra push.  My mom LOVED the idea of the RBC and always encouraged me to run more and more of them…”this is what we all need!” she would remind me.

Please, listen as I talk to you and myself…let’s live today how we are being called.  We don’t need food police, we need food peace.  Let us live with that peace today.  Let us listen to the still small voice today that will not lead us wrong.

Water…walking…training and surrounding ourselves with others…good music…laughter with friends and family.

That’s what the RBC is about.

Live the RBC lifestyle today!



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