My “bro-fessional” advice…

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Results

GandalfHey bro,

See if this helps: you came into the RBC drinking a 6-pack of soda a day. You haven’t exercised in over a decade (walking to the mailbox doesn’t count). You unintentionally skip meals often, leading to hunger, and without a plan on how to break your fast, you chomp down your favorite numerical item off a local fast food joint. Day one, evaluation day, you hit rock bottom, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, and commit to making a change. Day two, you wake up and by default you start your busy day without a plan and end up right where you were the day before you started RBC…on the road that lead you to misery.


It’s strange how we so often can keep doing the same things over and over and expect something different. Or, how we know what need to do, yet we keep not doing it.


Stop it!


Here’s today’s two cents: what if you didn’t expect perfection? What if you didn’t say things to yourself like, “I will never eat______ ever again”!? What if, you just took today at your best?


Instead of thinking that you’ll never eat some particular food item ever again, what if you just cut back?

Take the 6 pack/day to a 4 pack.

Take the half dozen doughnuts to 3 instead.

Chug as much water in one non-stop gulp before your morning coffee.


As Tony Robbins says, “stop ‘shoulding’ all over yourself”!


When you fail yourself then you shame yourself, and when you shame yourself, you are much more likely to go back to the things you want to stay away from. Welcome to the human condition!


So, for today, stop trying to master the perfect diet. The RBC is about progress, not perfection. If you cut out some crap from your diet today, AWESOME! If you drink just a smidge more water today than you normally do, GREAT! If you break a sweat today, PERFECT! Remember, it’s about small changes…today. Once tomorrow comes, wake up and decide what small things you’ll do tomorrow, but let’s just focus on today right now.


And if you mess up today’s plan…try again tomorrow, but stop beating yourself up. If beating yourself up worked at all, I imagine we’d all be levitating, guru, grand masters at life by now (or at least I would be)!


So, if you doctor has told you to “never eat ______ ever again or you will die”, then I would take his or her advice, but otherwise, from one bro to another, let’s just start by cutting back. Watching portion sizes a little bit more consciously, and ask yourself before ordering/buying/inhaling a certain food, “does this draw me closer or further from the life I want to live?”, (a tip I got from my wife). You will find that you can have your cake and eat it too. If you keep asking yourself this question you will find times when the answer if “yes, enjoy this cake!”. I imagine if Jesus came over for dinner he’d enjoy a bite of sweets from time to time.


That’s my bro-fessional advice for the day!


Let’s enjoy the day, make the best of it, and live to the fullest without shame, remorse and “should-ing” all over ourselves!



Master Carr



  1. Susan McManus says:

    Thank you!

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