Posted: January 5, 2015 in Results

If you’re ok with making small changes that have a powerful, long term effect on your health and wellness, then the RBC is for you.

(Keep reading to the bottom for a small testimonial on someone that’s done the RBC for 4 years straight now.)

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of different diet and exercise programs. I’ve learned a lot of tricks from these so-called experts as so many programs today are really only about “tricks” (“secrets” the author says), to losing weight.

Sorry, but I will not regurgitate this Harry Potter diet crap on any of you (not sure there is such a diet as that, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there were).

Let me be honest. I’ll sound more like your grandma giving you advice on how to lose weight than some glossy-paged, miracle making, secret forging, body makeover expert…who is really just a marketing magician in disguise getting folks to buy their stuff.

I’m more likely to encourage you TO DO the things you know you need to be doing than throw some crazy new diet at you.

And as far as our physical training goes? Simple.

– Increase Strength
– Build Muscle
– Improve Mobility

Think about it…as you get older, which of these 3 qualities do you have “too much of”? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You could just do our classes here at The Rock and benefit greatly; however, having the accountability alone is well worth the small price for the RBC (just $79 for those doing classes). And the RBC is FREE if you get 4 other new folks to do it with you (save 25%/new referral).

I just opened an email from one of our clients, “Part of the reason I do the RBC every year is the accountability. It helps me keep on task and I enjoy the team atmosphere. This will be year 4 for RBC for (my husband) and me”.

…this is someone who gets it! I hope you’ll get it too and decide NOW to join me and the others for 10 weeks of training, nutritional guidance, accountability, and FUN.

I’m here for you! How can I help?

The Rock is a place of encouragement, motivation, AND pushing to the next level with a healthy balance of grace and guilt trips to help you reach your potential! Haha…I just cracked myself up at that one. Seriously though, the RBC is my tool to “help me, help you”! Join Today.

Master Carr


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