Posted: January 20, 2015 in Results

RBCers, think about this,


Consistency will build a habit.  Habits (good or bad) will change your life.

A habit is like an addiction…something you just default to.  These can be very powerful actions that have a huge and positive impact on your life and the lives around you, or it can be something that literally kills you.

What are your habits (addictions) in dealing with stress? …fatigue? …an argument? …self doubt?  How do you handle these situations?

Don’t think you need to get crazy and change everything here at once, but it is very important to KNOW yourself.  Don’t just knee jerk respond to life and the wrenches that are thrown at you.

Empower yourself with clarity.  Know what you do, and why you do it.  If there are things you don’t like, then start working on them.  Simply KNOWING there is something you’d like to change and being honest with someone in your life for accountability is huge!

The RBC is about small, daily shifts in choices that you can maintain…one day at a time.

Remember, CONSISTENCY with a new and positive change you want to see in your life may be hard at first, but it will build into a wonderful habit if you stick with it during this course.  I’ve heard it countless times about the positive, life changes that have come out of the RBC with.  Will that be you?  Or will you make excuses about your poor habits and keep living in the lie that you’re stuck and there is no hope for true change?

Shut up about the excuses you tell yourself and others.

Speak up about the changes you want to make and do it…today!

Don’t look for perfection, but rather, look for making a small change today that you know you need to make.  When you crash and burn, get right back to the program.  It’s that simple (no, it’s not easy, but it is very simple).

Think of this:  our weight, our health, our strength, our cholesterol (and all that other stuff), are all in God’s hands, we just need to do our best with what He’s given us and the results will fall into place just how they’re supposed to.

Love.  Train.  Feed.  Enjoy.  Repeat.

Your’s in Strength,
Coach Carr


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